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Wed May 05 2021 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Last month, we introduced automated Instagram scheduling and let you know that more time-saving features for busy entrepreneurs are to come. Now, we are happy to introduce fully automated video posting and scheduling to multiple platforms - without hassle, with one mobile application. The hassle-free video posting and scheduling is available to Hookle users right away.

Video on social media is proving to be one of the most powerful marketing assets for gaining new followers, growing your brand, and driving sales. Using video as part of marketing is gaining a lot of traction across businesses of all sizes, and has also become an important tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Video allows you to be concise and capture viewers' interest in the first couple of seconds. The key to their popularity lies in their relative ease to engage with both prospects and clients across multiple platforms.

Hookle now supports automated video posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Update your Hookle and start publishing and scheduling videos - hassle-free!

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